Working Mom vs. Stay at home Mom

The argument of who has it harder has been long standing, but if you think about it there is no right or wrong answer. Every mom is different and her capabilities to handle situations are to. Some moms find it easier to return to work while others find it easier to stay home. It also has a lot to depend on the mom’s partner if they have one. For example it would be a lot easier for a mother whom is married to a spouse that has a good high paying job than a married mother whose spouse is working on minimum wage. Both going to work and staying at home has it’s benefits and downfalls being away from your child when they are new to you is difficult. My daughter is two months old and I am leaving her for the first time this weekend for my husbands work Christmas party. I already have separation anxiety and it hasn’t even come time to do it yet. This is mostly because she is my first child. I can imagine it gets easier with preceding children but that’s only something I can speak for when I get there. While I disagreed with some of the statements on this site I am going to share with you such as stay at home mom’s are less educated there are a lot of statistics as to show how staying at home has finical and social factors. I disagree with being a stay at home mom and being less educated because I am currently at stay at home mom and I am going to school, and I plan to go back to work when I graduate in a year. Anyways here is that site.

Another site I found is from the always interesting Dr. Phil. He also believes that not one way is the correct answer. It’s kind of like the statement the grass is always greener on the other side. In this article they bring up key argument points one I feel particularly strong about which is missing a child’s milestone. My husband works 12 hours a day with no days off and his job would require this whether I went to work or not so I feel why should we both be absent from her life. I want to be there when she first smiles, says her first word, and takes her first step. On the other side it does becoming very demanding to be home all the time and sometimes I feel like having a little break from it all by going back to work would be kind of nice. It really all just depends on the mother. I am interested to learn what you all think or feel about stay at home mothers and which one you would choose. Here is the link to that site


5 thoughts on “Working Mom vs. Stay at home Mom

  1. Hi Trisha,
    You are right that both sides have its ups and downs. Staying home with the baby is a privilege not everyone can do and it does create some wonderful memories for the parent, either mom or dad, but it can get lonely and many feel they’ve lost an identity outside of the child. While parents who work have a chance to stay in the working world and keep sense of independence yet they can have overwhelming feelings of guilt. Not an easy question to answer and each person must decide what works best for him or herself.

    Good job on offering your personal perspective on the matter and why it’s important to you and at the same time acknowledging it’s not for everyone. Well done.

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  2. I really enjoyed your post. I agree that every mom is going to have to figure out what path is the best choice for themselves and for their children. I am hoping that when I get married, my husband will be able to support me enough for me to be able to stay home. My mom stayed home with my brother and I and I loved it. She was able to teach us so much and care for us so well because she was able to do that.

    Great post! Happy Holidays!


  3. I can relate to everything you are saying. I have had first hand personal experience raising my two children, Dustin who is now 23, and Hannah who is turning 18 on New Year’s Eve this year. When I had my first child, I went back to work within the first year, but only because I had my mother to help with the babysitting. I do not think I would have been capable of leaving my precious boy with just anyone at such a young age. The challenge is when is they aren’t able to speak and tell you about their day. Trusting a complete stranger in today’s world is the scariest part.
    After I had my daughter six years later, I also had the same opportunity and my mother helped until my daughter turned one and was into everything. I then had to make a serious decision and while it cost me my education and career at the time, I do not have any regrets….I quit my job and stayed home to raise my babies until my daughter began kindergarten. Even after she started school, I focused my job around their schedules. I began a cleaning business which made it convenient for me in regards to making my own schedule. I ran my business for about eight years until I decided it was becoming too physical and boring. I was forty years old when I took my first college course and I am very close to completing my Bachelor’s program. I may not have the fancy career like other women do; including my younger sister, but it was the best decision for me at the time. Like you mentioned everyone’s situation is different and many variables play into what is best for each family. Raising a child has always been tough, but I think it is getting harder and harder with each generation. It all starts at home and they will always resort back to what they were taught during these precious years. It is a lot of responsibility and all I can suggest is for you to follow your heart. I wish you well with your motherhood adventure.

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  4. I like the way you present both sides of the argument. I think your content is good, and really marketable to a large group. The only critiques I have are some grammatical and spelling issues, run on sentences and such that made it a little hard to fully digest the content. The long paragraphs also made it a little difficult to get digest. However you did a great job with content and I hope you continue the blog in the future for those moms who need a little support in their lives!


  5. I think one of the hardest aspects of effective blogging (something I still struggle with) is the ability to stay concise. Many times, blogging is used for expressing feelings and experiences, as you are doing here. But in providing your insight, you were able to keep it short just like your other posts, which is more often than not much appreciated by the reader. These days we consume media so quickly that the moment it forces us to slow down, we lose interest. I have had a great time reading your blog, and although I have yet to have a child, my dog is my responsibility now so I can relate in a lot of ways!

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